Feb 07

Reach Divinity: Random Twitter Poem for Feb 7th

I did something unique today where I combined the 14 random twitter poetry submissions from the following players below, with today’s Creative Copy Challenge #306 words which is a game where you have 10 words provided and need to write a creative piece with them.

Twitter Poetry Players:
@_pikku (dystopia), @goodyniosi (substantial), @vanshea (Flaccid), @jackjackduank (giveaway), @wippy_ (ascending), @ajinkyaforyou (Coitus), @mollyclemen (Inspire), @solomonobaje (bric-a-brac), @thatawfuldad (Elizabethan), @link_between (reinvention), @shirefoxx (coriander), @originalbadbele (concubine), @ricepoint1 (functionality), @davelucas (geology)

Combined with the creative copy challenge words today:
Quick, Note, Please, Kick, Drive, More, Soft, Force, Natural, Average

This made this poem use 24 unique words total and this was the outcome:


Reach Divinity

Like a concubine looking for reinvention
force seeking to inspire something substantial
flaccid Elizabethan practices please no more
natural coitus not some meaningless giveaway
functionality of love bric-a-brac beyond average
be quick to exit this soft ascending dystopia
kick life; be the coriander in this recipe
don’t wait to understand the geology
drive desire to the next note; reach divinity

-Poem by Justin Germino

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  • MitchellAllen

    Nice, tight flow
    24 in a row.
    Go Justin, go!

    • http://www.dragonblogger.com Justin Germino

      Thanks, 24 isn’t the most I have used but pretty close.

  • http://twitter.com/jackjackduank jackjack

    wow (y) NICE ONE!