Aug 07

Into Reality

I lie awake at night thinking of how the world should be. Endless suffering finally put to rest and hunger a thing of the past. I think of my legacy and how I will be remembered. Will I do something in my life that will benefit others, can I contribute something to the greater good of mankind that will help make a difference in this world?

I think these things fairly often, wondering that there should be more to life than just working day in and day out to try and make a few bucks to survive and retire without being forced to live off of canned cat food when you are old and feeble. I keep saying what if, what if the time to do something is now before its too late?

Dreams don’t turn into reality without taking action and I need to convert this nightmare to something enjoyable.

-Dragon Blogger

  • http://www.754200.com Mathew

    This is a nice poem. I do not think that we should question what God wants us to do. We should take what he gives us and make the best out of it. That is what life is all about. God put good thoughts and skills into all of us. Weather we use them or not is our choice.

  • http://www.bankrollmob.com Felicia @ No deposit poker

    It is really difficult for us to think about contributing to the world if we cannot even provide enough for our own family. Most will be “guilty” of trying to live on with their lives in the midst of others suffering from poverty. This is a nice poem indeed.