Nov 03

Reunited – Random Twitter Poem for November 3rd

Reunited is a poem about losing a loved one and having memories to hold onto until you can be reunited. This poem was inpired by the 9 words provided (in blue) by the following twitter followers:
@LangleyCornwell (pesky), @ryjr (ullage), @shonie1966 (Orion), @mcaliban (resurrect), @daNanner (late), @MzFuller8 (bacon), @filigreegirl (Lavaliere), @IntegralChaotic (sublimate), @coffeetablepoet (hierarchy)


Just another late star next to pesky Orion
to resurrect love and faith, to guide me
hierarchy of the heavens beyond my reach
my near hollow soul a wasting ullage
this lavaliere, a last cherished gift
small token to sublimate my dark thoughts
tears well in my eyes thick and greasy
like bacon grease clinging to a drain
when will we be reunited at last?

-Poem by Dragon Blogger