Mar 23

Set Fire to the Rain

Yes the Adele song Set Fire to the Rain inspired this poem which I wanted to see what I would capture with such a poetic title.  This is my attempt to merely capture that title and translate it into a poem, this poem is based on the title only.

Set Fire to the Rain

We play
through the years
first swallowing
our fears
though it appears
all will be
endless tears

a colorless stain
faces mirror
our pain
with each memory
a stain
a live loved
in vain

With hope
and a prayer
far too rare
continuing this
will only
end up where?

We pull up
the drain
setting fire
to the rain
finally ending
the insane
saying goodbye
to the pain

-poem by Justin Germino

  • dazediva

    @dragonblogger absolutely loved it !!!