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Dec 14

Wild Feast: Random Twitter Poem for Dec 14th

Wild Feast is a poem story about an Aardvark who lucks upon an orphaned backpack filled with food and gorges.

Oct 01

Haiku: Witnessed

A cat witnessing a mouse from a window wishes it could pounce on it.

Sep 05

Poem: Studying Dogs

Studying Dogs Stark business investment damn aggravating activities all for the improvement of education task to learn their personality types spewing onomatopoeia as if I were one how can success be measured in writing when studying how dogs actually think? -poem by Justin Germino

Jan 25

Her Majesty – Random Twitter Poem for Jan 25th


Of course the title of the poem Her Majesty is referring to this well groomed show dog in the competition of her life. This is a dog lovers poem for sure.

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