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Nov 17

Buzz Short Animal Poem

Was thinking of a short animal poem this morning and came up with one of them that is more of an insect poem about a pet fly that a kid finds in his room and decides to name. Buzz Seeing a dark thing flying over me creepy, black and tiny to see bouncing into a …

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May 06

Poem: Thirsty


A playful poem that starts off seeming a little ominous only to learn it is about a little kitten nursing on it’s mother.  I was trying to capture a wild tiger or lion cub with all the danger it would become or think’s it is while still a kitten.   Thirsty Birth of an everlasting …

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Apr 18

Catching Sunbeams: Random Twitter Poem for Apr 18th


Today’s poem Catching Sunbeams is about stumbling upon two lazy cats in a half play half sleep trying to catch sunlight on their paws peeking through a living room window.  This poem was inspired by the 12 random words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter player: @avgjoegeek (Orange), @originalbadbele (comical), @barzane (hesitate), @heatherm74 (twisting), …

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Sep 05

Poem: Studying Dogs

Studying Dogs Stark business investment damn aggravating activities all for the improvement of education task to learn their personality types spewing onomatopoeia as if I were one how can success be measured in writing when studying how dogs actually think? -poem by Justin Germino

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