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Jul 28

Bedroom Playground – Random Twitter Poem for July 28th

Today’s random twitter poem is about passion in the bedroom, pure and simple and was inspired by the 12 random words provided (in blue) by my twitter followers: @RemBeatZ (phemaldehyde), @Zorlone (foregone), @HollyJahangiri (scintillant), @jmbuckingham (reach), @franscud (sliver), @denthewise (laureate), @Miragi (loquacious), @filigreegirl (metanoia), @filigreegirl (philanthropy), @MichaelVrijhoef (serendipity) & (Machicolation), @cheth (relativity) Note, I had …

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Nov 02

Fire Burning In My Eyes

Fire Burning In My Eyes Fire burns so very bright your face aglow in this great white light This fire radiates from deep within me A flame with no heat that you can see This fire may seem like a frightening rage it may trap my soul within a cage or beckon your spirit to …

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