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May 07

The Lightning

The Lightning With a hot breath and a brief flash Passing in the blink of an eye There you stand in awe Perceiving yet unable to act Ozone stinging your senses Deafening thunder knocking you down Reeling in terror unable to think Moments pass You realize you are living A stroke of luck Or a …

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May 06

The Lands of the Heart

The Lands of the Heart Follow me to the ancient ground Where dreams and love are made The sky is yellow and the clouds blue Where dreams and love are made Purple mountains and green sands Where dreams and love are made Silky strands of your rich brown hair Where dreams and love are made …

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Feb 07

The Spoon

The Spoon Whether icy cold or blisteringly hot You are plunged into clear or murky depths You are spun wildly your gleaming leg above the surface Slowly tapered you drink and come afloat Holding what you have tasted, you are summoned to me Your prize then is siphoned, and you are cast again Reeling in …

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Feb 06

The Fork

The Fork How the light gleams off that metal skin, Your sharp tips ready to dive into flesh, Even as you taste the meat you’re moving, Slowly and steadily pulling your victim to me, You are under my control your victim taken, And as I feast upon what you have staked, You are forced to …

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Nov 29

Goddess Before Me

Goddess Before Me (Dedicated to Shona M. Daily-Germino) Radiant stars on a dream filled landscape The visions of splendor bring euphoria My gaze turns to stone as I stand entranced Fixed staring at the goddess before me That goddess is you. -Poem by Dragon Blogger

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