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May 20

Poem: Kicking Back

A poem about enjoying the beginning of the weekend and starting off by having a drink.  This poem is about going into the weekend recovery before starting another busy week again. Kicking Back Pop the top and kick back enjoy a different truth   a week’s sacrifice enough varied trouble leaving you empty   Now …

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Mar 21

Business Tumbles: Random Twitter Poem for Mar 21st

Business Tumbles is a poem about something quite common in the Stock Market where companies can go from profitable green to red losses

Mar 08

Fails to Deliver: Random Twitter Poem for Mar 8th

Fails to Deliver is a poem trenched in business world about a programming project going overbudget and failing to deliver customer satisfaction.

Sep 13

Almost Fell – Random Twitter Poem for Sep 13th

clothing store

Almost Fell is a poem about a struggling clothing business that fails to bring in new clients until coming up with an amazing sale.