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Feb 07

Lamenting Winter – Random Twitter Poem for Feb 7th


Lamenting Winter is another poem fit for the winter season and was inspired by 10 submissions

Feb 08

Thaw Out – Random Twitter Poem for Feb 8th

ice melts

Thaw Out is about a warm front moving in to clear away a massive ice storm and it was inspired by the 22 random words played.

Jan 07

Cold Shock – Random Twitter Poem for Jan 7th

Cold Shock is about a bitter frigid cold front that overtakes a region, and is my largest twitter poem to date.

May 23

Icy Passion – Poem by Dragon Blogger

So when J. Scott made a call for poets to write a poem comparing love to ice, without using the word heart or love, I decided to see what I could come up with, and here is my result. Icy Passion Fresh passion frozen in a moment Chilling sensation of ice cold lips Water drops …

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