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May 25

Poem Ending War

Ending War I guess it’s okay I see no other way a friend or a foe all the same today We fought when found falling to the ground our last dying words never made a sound Destined to be here this was always my fear now the ending has come losing all I hold dear …

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May 18

Gone From My Sight by Henry Van Dyke

A poem about death and the transition, Gone From My Sight was written by Henry Van Dyke. ¬†Poem is read aloud by Justin Germino. Gone From My Sight I am standing upon the seashore. A ship, at my side, spreads her white sails to the moving breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is …

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Jan 29

Poem: Ending Moment


The momentary regret before taking a victim’s life before the need to consume another’s drives to kill again. Ending Moment The scream in the shadow aftermath of some horrific end rare murmur of regret present this victim just another dot burn notch in the side of your wall another will lose their life soon -Poem …

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Jul 28

Poem: Final Distraction

A sad poem where someone who is horribly injured in an accident spends his final thoughts with fond memories to comfort him.   Final Distraction Focusing on something pleasant a desperate distraction from the pain like the sweet thrill waiting tonight his pretty lady home in a cozy warm bed he would save these memories …

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Jun 04

Poem: Impaired

Broken car windshield. Tint blue

A poem about driving while under the influence of angry emotions which can lead to rash decisions, mistakes and end in tragic consequences. Impaired Did he realize he was about to die? his mood of hate; his fatal mistake why drive angry and cross the line? in a bright flash on this highway grave cars …

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