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Jun 16

Being a Father

Being a Father Setting up hopes and thinking up dreams Holding his baby the proud father beams Such a tiny creation the world still ahead For now only changings and keeping baby fed Will I be a good father will I teach baby right? I wonder so much it costs me sleep at night A …

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Jul 08

Revenge for Hire

  Revenge for Hire Hast though been suffering for a while in peace, Dost though put up with endless torture, Shall though continue through social injustice, Not when there is justice hidden within the cracks, Seek me on those that deserve such justice, In the end it is peace you will have. -Poem by Dragon …

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Jul 07

The Angels Sleep in My Heart

The Angels Sleep in My Heart Baby and Mother Lying at home The stars shining watching over them All that is precious is smothered in blankets The angels sleep in my heart What magical day brings forth to me Each and every moment with my loves All that is precious is waiting for me at …

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Jul 06

Precious Moment

Precious Moment Any moment is a precious moment, with wonder and joy trapped in time. Once a dream becomes tangible, the world is at your fingertips. So we speak a language of love, There is no hate, there is no sorrow. This dream of ours shall forever stay, as we are trapped in this moment. …

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Sep 09

Your Soul Belongs to Me

Your Soul Belongs to Me Bone fragments and shards of earth Splitting thunder shatters your soul Demonic fire burns within your heart Your soul belongs to me Boiling rage spits steam of filth Commanding presence dragging everyone down Hair like snakes, eyes like venom Your soul belongs to me Flesh tearing as laughter bellows Blood …

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