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Jul 21

Sets me in Motion

Sets me in Motion A look at your graceful form sets me in motion like a clockwork machine that drives ever forward to serve and protect A look at your smile sets me in motion like a clockwork machine that drives ever forward to love and cherish A look at your face sets me in …

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Jul 05

Dance With Me

Dance With Me; Poem written by Dragon Blogger, I wrote this poem on October 22nd 2008 for my wife.

May 04

Dragon Blogger Wins 5th Place in WOOF Contest for May 1st

My poem Traffic Jam which is actually a love poem crafted in a unique way managed to take 5th place in the Poetry portion of the Writers Offering Our Finest (WOOF) Contest.  Congrats to the other winners this week, everyone had so many good entries. WOOF Contest – Top Picks Poetry Roy – “I have …

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Feb 08

Anarchy Bottled

Anarchy Bottled Darkness set among the wind Trapped inside those who’ve sinned Worlds apart we set them free Our twisted illogical philosophy Behemoth of man who has no face Fallen friends who run no race Echoes of a broken heart Pieces of faith torn apart Vested hope in a void filled dream Hope rests on …

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Feb 07

Men And Gods

Men And Gods Living beings striking fear Terrorize those who live here Fighting for the gods we claim Others living life in shame Morals are found written in stone Lies are told, we each are shown Faceless beings worshipped abroad Some would say are just a fraud Some living life to the fullest Others deemed …

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