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Sep 20

Justice of the Earth: Random Twitter poem for Sep 20th

Justice of the Earth is one of the larger Twitter poems I have created and is about basically tolls humans take on depleting resources on the planet until the planet itself may shudder and rid itself of life at some point.  This poem was inspired by the 23 random word submissions (in bold) provided by …

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Jul 12

Faltering Landscape – Random Twitter Poem for July 12th

oil rig fire

Faltering Landscape is about the destruction of the world environment and was inspired primarily by raindrops, oil, morose and some other choice words

Apr 04

Haiku Creation – Original Haiku by Dragon Blogger

earth pic

Creation is a poem about the earth and the mystical creator of the planet.

Jul 24

Angry Earth – Random Twitter Poem for July 24th

Today’s random twitter poem Angry Earth is about the aftermath of a volcanic explosion leaving ash and dust to block the skies and leave a trail of dust across the land. It was inspired by the 11 random words (in blue) provided by my twitter followers below: @JenaIsle (chenodeoxychenolic), @purplefrogcat (flood), @shemah (whiteout), @franscud (fierce), …

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