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Nov 25

Catatonic Rage – Original Poem by Dragon Blogger

Catatonic Rage Catatonic rage buried deep in my chest I only wait to hurt I only wait for pain Seething calm before A swelling storm An eye without vision My misery reflected Sleeps deep inside Heart quakes in fear Spirit shakes in agony So it sleeps deep within As I wait to release This catatonic …

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Dec 30

We Plunge – Random Twitter Poem for Dec 30th


When I wrote the poem We Plunge the words forgiveness, friendship and ecstasy set a relationship type of theme.

Dec 12

Sacrifice is Salvation

Sacrifice is Salvation The stone that fills my chest A jagged rock buried deep My sacrifice is my only salvation Poison festers in my soul One life it is a pity That it should end in misery Dark gremlins line the steps Doors crumble in my wake Lies breed like insects Lives are broken Decay …

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Apr 04

The Box – A New Original Poem by Dragon Blogger

The Box Trapped inside a white prize Filled with hope, filled with lies Morning dreams and midnight fables All within a box without labels Listing contents as old as time Colored writing red, blue and lime A borrowers past and a lenders pain A husbands deeds but a drying stain Captured spirit and bottled fears …

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