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Dec 08

Poem: Deleting History


Deleting History Could I ever be this strong this frigid meeting Would there be a time for change that stops repeating When pain and anger breed heart barely beating Consumption of assumptions emotions keep competing Will furies rise to new spires feeding a beating Ending with regrets and shame those histories deleting -Poem by Justin …

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Jan 01

Haiku: The Wrong Note

Another year ends Now turbulent beginnings Another wrong note -Haiku by Justin Germino

Oct 20

Impeccable Failure: Random Twitter Poem for Oct 20th

Impeccable Failure is a poem about what was thought of as a harmless prank or joke causing serious and devastating consequences

Jun 22

Failed Venture – Random Twitter Poem for June 22nd

Failed Venture is a poem dedicated to all people who buy into a sales pitch only to have their own start up or venture fail with no support.

Jun 09

Failures – Random Twitter Poem for June 9th


Failures is a poem about how most people allow failures to defeat them and give up, while a few rise above unaffected by such failures.