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Jan 08

Poem: I Can’t Stand Tall

I Can’t Stand Tall I can’t stand tall against this wall with very little hope Intangible stone this poison throne little chance to cope In one quick moment poor choice to vent things tumble down One horrible decision a despairing prison life now a frown -Poem by Justin Germino

Jan 05

Poem: Just Weren’t There

Just Weren’t There You just weren’t there when I needed you most and the weight of the world kept piling; bricks in a prison and when empty calls for help were never received; a plea unanswered is one unforgiven truth is you weren’t there because you didn’t think to look; to feel; to be more …

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Dec 08

Poem: Deleting History


Deleting History Could I ever be this strong this frigid meeting Would there be a time for change that stops repeating When pain and anger breed heart barely beating Consumption of assumptions emotions keep competing Will furies rise to new spires feeding a beating Ending with regrets and shame those histories deleting -Poem by Justin …

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Jan 01

Haiku: The Wrong Note

Another year ends Now turbulent beginnings Another wrong note -Haiku by Justin Germino

Oct 20

Impeccable Failure: Random Twitter Poem for Oct 20th

Impeccable Failure is a poem about what was thought of as a harmless prank or joke causing serious and devastating consequences

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