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Apr 21

Poem Unwelcome Mutation

A corrupt government official seeking to test a new mutation virus strikes some unsuspecting follower at a cocktail party. Unwelcome Mutation With a dynamo deficit of morality an egregious Chardonnay infusion one populist expendable constituent ephemeral experience never remembered genetic alchemy in a cocktail glass a cellular thermonuclear reaction this patient now called mutant X …

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Mar 09

Poem: Stubborn Sword

Middle Italian: the tuscany sword in the stone. The story of Saint Galgano

A poem taking inspiration from the classic Sword in the Stone where knights gathered from all around to see if they would be the next King of Camelot.  Unfortunately this one stubborn sword refuses to yield to yet another candidate.   Stubborn Sword Pull this simple sword such a silent nasty frustration an overt challenge …

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Feb 02

Poem: Arcanist

Welcome October

She challenged the council seeking to prove her power was equal to her elders who scoffed at her, they were not prepared for the ferocity and magic she had mastered. Arcanist With a crash of energy the raw power unleashed cage of elements fuse together a hypnotic cloud of magic like some arcane canvas seeking …

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