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Mar 23

Poem: Peace Offering

The offer of food is a sign of friendship and peace, sharing food is sharing life.   Peace Offering With a sprinkle of this and a pinch of that this roasted fish all plump and fat A side of potatoes with some lettuce greens meal envy of friend or foes tastes even better than it …

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Mar 20

Welcome Distraction: Random Twitter Poem for March 20th


Welcome distraction is a food lovers poem pure and simple, after a long hard morning you just get distracted by some restaurant sign and in desperation for a break are sucked in to partake in the feasting.  This poem included 14 random word submissions (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players: (yes 1 word …

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Jun 21

Exotic Legend: Random Twitter Poem for Jun 21st


Today’s poem Exotic Legend is a humorous poem mocking those who eat foods that cause them intense pain and discomfort afterwards but give in to the temptation anyway.  I can relate being lactose intolerant and often having cheeses and occasional cream sauce on pasta which just about kills me the following day.  This poem was …

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Mar 01

Poem: Heavy Set

This poem was inspired by the Creative Copy Challenge 215 where 10 words (in bold) were provided and this poem about food addiction was the result.   Heavy Set Carnal gaseous odor surrounding the beef taco like an intangible foreskin opening the saliva floodgates you fidget as you bite just the tip while ensconced in …

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Jan 25

Vegetarian Optimism: Random Twitter Poem for Jan 25th

Vegetarian Optimism is a poem about how people love their meat based products

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