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Jan 27

Broken Silence: Random Twitter Poem for Jan 27th

Today’s poem Broken Silence is probably one of the most comical poems I have ever written

Nov 26

Silly Poem: My Fart Broke a Cart

Okay so collaborating a poem with 2 boys ages 8 and 4 will yield some humorous results

Feb 26

Poem: Craving Babies

Funny poem about babies craving ice cream

Feb 01

Bad Lunch – Random Twitter Poem for Feb 1st


Bad Lunch is a poem about getting sick from some bad sushi and was inspired by the 12 submissions

Dec 29

The Review – Random Twitter Poem for Dec 29th

two thumbs down

The Review is a humourous poem about a critic finding a film utterly terrible and reaching for the worst rating possible.

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