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Jan 01

Poem: New Chances

New Chances is a New Years Poem that just wrote itself as I started to think about things like resolutions, 2nd chances and future potential.

Jul 03

Poem: Dome

A poem about a future where the sun’s light has become so harmful due to no ozone that all towns and cities had these domes around them that shielded them from the harmful UV Rays. DOME Depth of this spring dome covering this town like a stamp remember the scale of the sky when it …

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Apr 17

Dashed Dreams – Poem by Justin Germino

Dashed Dreams is a poem about someone making mistakes and their future being shattered as a result

Sep 25

Your Domain – Random Twitter Poem for September 25th

Your Domain is about someone trying to assess a city or country in ruin looking to find a solution to the problem. The poem was inspired by 17 random words.

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