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Jun 20

Gambling Bug: Random Twitter Poem for Jun 20th


Today’s poem Gambling Bug depicts how all personality types can be gamblers and was my creative way to implement the 14 random word (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players: @zg_legacies (arachnophobia), @blognetworking (passion), @wippy_ (poker), @goodyniosi (genteel), @trainlearnlead (Trust), @radityadji (palpitate), @greatgothninja (solstice), @volusiaforobama (Mormon), @kujen92 (friendship), @joannecipressi (spontaneous), @bovelett (superficial), @aluwir (endoplasmic), …

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Feb 01

Lucky Numbers – Random Twitter Poem for Feb 1st

lotto tickets

Lucky Numbers is a poem about someone playing the lottery and hoping to win and get out of their miserable situation.