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Aug 06

Woodstock Reverse a Guest Poem by Cheryl Scheffer Nilar


WOODSTOCK REVERSE ~A thousand petals floating high each one taking a dream to rainbow skies; Earth’s damp smell rising high through mists of sun showers, blowing soft breezes now breathing in wisps of myrrh. Ten thousand eyes then upward glance, music played  as flower haired barefoot danced. Woodstock, wish I had the chance for peace …

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Jun 12

Guest Poem: Musically Yours

~ MUSICALLY YOURS ~ a guest poem by Cheryl Scheffer Nilar The sun peeped out this morning Just like it did the day before; The birdsong was the sweetest I’ve heard it all before. Earth she must be turning So slowly I wouldn’t know; For here I am listening To songs from long ago. Softly I surrender …

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May 15

A Storm is Coming Guest Poem by Sally Brown


  A Storm Is Coming Rushing wind bends the trees, Temperature changes, darkening skies, Arrows of light cut across the sky, Animals scurry to their homes, A storm is coming. Booming thunder, drops of rain, Roads are slick, muddy terrain, People rush indoors, umbrellas in hand, Doors closed, windows shut, A storm is coming. Mother …

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May 09

Complicated After All

Facets of Diamonds (Explored!)

I wonder what I would do, if I could love just one being Would I settle for you, or go for any other thing? They say love is beautiful, that should make me happy right? If it’s really true, then I should see angels every night But it gets really crazy when non of all …

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Apr 19

Guest Poem: Another War by Amina Bhatti


Another War Another family torn apart, Another weeping broken heart, Another finish before the start, Another soldier doing his part.   Another mother weeps for her boy, Another wrecked birthday toy Another day without any joy, Another sergeant’s cunning ploy.   Another man left to die, Another friend has to cry, Another tearful last goodbye, …

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