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Mar 02

Day Dream: Random Twitter Poem for Mar 2nd

Today’s random twitter poem is Day Dream and was written to include the 10 random words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players: @justswierk (impeccable), @barzane (struggle), @marsdorian (crystal), @newyorkbigapple (sentinel), @agentcoop007 (happy), @prophets (contraceptive), @bumpyknight (Ides), @persianpoetess (Ostentatious), @shadylee_ (ecstatic), @goodyniosi (hallucinate) Day Dream Did I hallucinate a happy time her ecstatic autumn …

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Jul 17

Hallucinations – Random Twitter Poem for July 17th

Today’s poem called Hallucinations is about someone tripping out on LSD or mushrooms as a sort of initiation to join a cult. This poem today was crafted from 19 random words (in blue) provided by the following twitter followers: @writingnag (secrets), @anefallarme (adrenaline), @KathrynVercillo (kin), @Zorlone (incognito), @denthewise (release), @summerbreeze80 (exoneration), @SusanBerland (glacier), @ryjr (home), …

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