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May 06

Poem: If Only You Knew


A dark poem inspired by the various horror stories of school shootings, people snapping and death ending up all around as a result.

Oct 13

Poem: Horror of Dreams

Horror of Dreams In Those Moments Between Our lives are unseen Our darkness in hearts hides forbidden arts More treasures in cages while a victim rages The savage even wonder if we come from down under We continue to callously treat life as our tapestry Safety undone at the seams we are the horror of …

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Jun 05

Terrorized: Random Twitter Poem for Jun 5th


Today’s poem had a ton of words inspired by E3 expo yesterday but ironically they all somehow fit together into this grisly poem that just seemed to jump out at me.  When I started writing the first 3 lines and noticed they ended with a rhyme I decided to make each ending word in each …

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