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May 27

Poem: Ghosts of the Past

Ghosts of the Past Too cute together to be torn apart memories in shadow horse before cart Years spent wasting the complacency curse emotions once rampant now lie in a hearse Ghosts of this past haunt every single day questions always repeating how did we live this way? -Poem by Justin Germino

Mar 13

Poem: The Wrong Words

Ever just say the wrong things that you can wish you can take back?   The Wrong Words Forever seems like a lifetime how can you say such things when hurt lasts this long it may as well be forever Simple words cut so deeply only needed a moment pause and wounds would never have …

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Oct 02

Poem: Siege

A home under siege is a poem about an abusive relationship and domestic violence.

Jul 28

Should Have – Random Twitter Poem for July 28th

Should Have is a terribly sad poem that tells a tale of a relationship that ended. The poem tries to encapsulate the guilt, anger, emotional pain and remorse of such a state.

Jun 19

Flow Stops – New Haiku by Dragon Blogger

Flow stops is a haiku about pain and hurt in ones heart and finally deciding enough is enough and moving on.