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Jun 11

Poem – Isolation of Intrusive Thoughts

Isolation of Intrusive Thoughts Frustration birthing insomnia anxiety avoidance driving fatigue nightmares of anger and fear intrusive thoughts of self harm isolation and depression soothes when disassociation is freeing and poor concentration is strength hypervigilance the startling response what else looms on the horizon? -Poem by Justin Germino

May 06

Poem: The End of Isolation

When all things seem alone, dark and there is nobody that understands, this is where taking inventory of all the positive in your life, those souls and lives around you matters most.  Live for those who are affected by your life and make making a difference your purpose. The End of Isolation Though dark and …

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Aug 10

Poem: Sitting Here Alone

Sitting Here Alone is inspired by a person too afraid to enter the world and live life in person.

Jul 16

Poem: Left Out

Poem about feeling isolated and alone, Left Out is for all the people ostracized

Jun 16

Poem: Isolation

Isolation is a poem about giving up on life and being alone and without companionship