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Oct 31

Trick or Treat – Halloween Poem

Trick or Treat is a poem about Halloween night that was inspired by the 14 random words provided by the following twitter followers

Aug 13

Filibuster – Random Twitter Poem for Aug 13th

Filibuster is a poem about a politician stalling at a political venue and tiring the audience around him. This was a quick Twitter poem today that included 7 random submissions (in blue) from the following Twitter players: @rikardkjellberg (Likeability), @Quillville (indecisive), @anefallarme (insatiable), @selurus (exhausted), @Williamm49 (decompose), @katdoesdiets (twelve), @CeeCardoza (Confusion) Filibuster an almost insatiable …

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Feb 24

Repair – Random Twitter Poem for Feb 24th

Repair is a poem about robotics and an invention to help repair the infrastructure (roads, buildings…etc) using small insect like robots that can do the work.

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