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Nov 22

Poem: Any Land With You

Any Land with You Doesn’t matter if scorching deserts or windy plains with torrential storms mountains filled with darkest caves any land is home with you Savage seas and shaky knees swampy mires and shallow trees sandy beaches with island breeze any land is home with you Distant landscapes with purple rain and endless fog …

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Mar 22

Poem: In the Bubbles


Few things are more relaxing and soothing than sitting in a hot spa at night soaking in the warm water and letting the massaging jets and bubbles melt away your stress and loosen your tight muscles.  This poem captures that evening alone soaking in a hot tub. In The Bubbles They come out and play …

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Dec 23

Charms and Trinkets

Charms and Trinkets Will I adorn your arms With all sorts of charms Baubles, Trinkets and colors to spare The rainbow itself you shall wear A queen among peasants A peacock among pheasants Worth showering with presents And all that it represents With some luck and a boon We shall sail under the moon All …

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Dec 18

Martian Man

Martian Man Who is this Martian man Head shaped like a little tin can body green with torso small Eyes so large like a ball Who is this Martian man Skin so pale he has no tan Arms so thin and legs too short He sure is an odd little sort Who is this Martian …

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Dec 07

An Oyster’s Pearls

An Oyster’s Pearls Black and gray with silver swirls Concealed within are priceless pearls Collected and fashioned into whorls And worn just under a lady’s curls Found living deep beneath the sea We dive for them in a hunting spree Hoping to find not one or two, but three Harvest them up and set their …

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