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Nov 20

Poem: Pushing the Fast

Pushing the Fast When it comes to the fast we starve and deny embracing the pain the emptiness hoping to purify The fast an enigma soul cannot be purged experience and knowledge even if unwanted stays memories remain Gorging on failure one gets full of defeat and condemning disappointments only lead to more fasting until …

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May 12

A Mother’s Son

I wrote this poem after the birth of my first son when I envisioned who he will grow up to become and the kind of man he will be.  This poem was a tribute to him and to his mother. A Mother’s Son When the path of life becomes rough the choices stand before you …

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Dec 15

Summoned Light: Random Twitter Poem for Dec 15th

Summoned Light is a poem about sunlight breaking through after a snow storm to give some reprieve.

Nov 24

What To Be Thankful For

What To Be Thankful For Be thankful you have a heart that still beats Be thankful you have a babe that still sleeps Be thankful the world still turns Be thankful that fire still burns Be thankful of all that you hold dear Be thankful for that last case of beer Be thankful the world …

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Jun 15

Poem: The Storyteller

The Storyteller is a poem about a man who brings crowds when he starts to recant stories or adventures of some sort.

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