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Apr 24

Roaming Streets – Poem by Dragon Blogger


Roaming Streets is about following the trail of a lost love only to hit a dead end.

Mar 14

Steel Heart – Haiku by Justin Germino


Steel Heart is a poem about recovering and sealing off your emotions after being hurt.

Feb 11

Emotionless- Random Twitter Poem for Feb 11th

girl crying in bed

Emotionless is a sad poem about one party caring and have affection for another yet it isn’t returned. It was inspired by the 13 random words provided.

Oct 18

Ghost Whispers – Poem by Dragon Blogger

Ghost Whispers – Poem by Dragon Blogger is a poem about lost love and a hollow ghost in mourning and sorrow.

Oct 15

Broken Heart – Random Twitter Poem for October 15th

Today’s poem “Broken Heart” is about someone being blind sided with a “I think we should break up” type of scenario, inspired by 11 random words.

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