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Nov 24

Poem: Broken Soul


Broken Soul I stand before you a broken soul in little things we meant so much more when times so great senses came alive met horrible endings and still pulled though but enough was enough or so they say and a frayed soul is all that remains yet can I recover can my tapestry be …

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Jan 28

Vivacious Game: Random Twitter Poem for Jan 28th


Today’s poem is crafted from only 4 words submitted on Twitter (in bold) I feel that it has been so long since I called out for poetry game submissions that many people don’t remember or aren’t seeing my calls anymore which is a shame, as I really enjoyed doing 10-20 word sized poems. Thanks to …

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Sep 08

Poem: Repo


A rather grim depiction of repo men actually tearing the ring off somebody’s finger inspired this poem. REPO Kick that overdue ring over here ignore the sour scream and twist it off this quick trade not even funny these fat cats on top of the stack always end up falling down hard -Poem by Justin …

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Jul 17

Haiku: Running Nowhere


This haiku was inspired by all those who seem to be trapped in an endless routine repeating each day over and over as if they were living their own real life groundhog day (see the movie for reference). Running Nowhere Where are you going Each day just repetition Just nowhere -Haiku by Justin Germino