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Feb 14

Poem: Real Valentine

How could I not write a Valentine’s Day poem, this one was inspired and ironically is from the point of view of a woman and written for a man, ironic actually being that I wrote it. Real Valentine More than that fancy ring more than that dinner night more than that bouquet of roses more …

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Jun 16

Being a Father

Being a Father Setting up hopes and thinking up dreams Holding his baby the proud father beams Such a tiny creation the world still ahead For now only changings and keeping baby fed Will I be a good father will I teach baby right? I wonder so much it costs me sleep at night A …

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Jul 22

Haiku: Moments in Love


Some moments you just want to hold onto forever. Moments in Love From that day we knew moments we kept forever when we fell in love -Haiku by Justin Germino

Jul 14

The Nightmare

  The Nightmare I watch I wallow I weep All is lost Hope is lost Love is lost Despair hollows me out Loneliness hollows me out Sadness hollows me out All that remains is a shell of a man All that remains is an empty person All that remains is a hopeless being Darkness creeps …

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Jul 08

Revenge for Hire

  Revenge for Hire Hast though been suffering for a while in peace, Dost though put up with endless torture, Shall though continue through social injustice, Not when there is justice hidden within the cracks, Seek me on those that deserve such justice, In the end it is peace you will have. -Poem by Dragon …

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