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Aug 18

Poem: In Love We Find Peace

A simple quick poem I thought about and truthfully we all need connection, love, friendship and with it one has a better chance of finding peace both spiritually as well as mentally.

Sep 22

Haiku: Lovers Time


Lovers Time This night we will play Our love will know no limits This is lovers time -Haiku by Justin Germino

Jul 20

Poem: When We Were Wise


Ah the innocence of youth and how sometimes the moments of the past when we were dreamers we were the most wise. When We Were Wise Once when we were wise and spend hours daydreaming staring at the skies Once when we were true futures ahead time stood still white shapes against the blue Once …

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May 26

Poem Soul Sand


Soul Sand In these sands lie our dreams each unique original thought In these sands like our desires washing away in waves In these sands our souls run footprints left memories forever -Poem by Justin Germino

Sep 30

Poem: Returning Her

Sometimes death just isn’t final and you find ways to bring back a loved one through mad scientist like actions.  In this Frankenstein inspired poem, one can only hope love can be returned. Returning Her A wish put into action you can taste her memory her empty vessel of a body ideal and at proper …

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