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Mar 25

Haiku: Nature Blooming

With spring soon approaching how many of us will take the time to notice the birds and the bees? Nature Blooming The birds and the bees pollination around us see nature blooming -Haiku by Justin Germino

Feb 12

Poem: Anatomy of a Snowflake

Anatomy of a Snowflake Augmentation of a bodacious snowflake Nature’s precision a delicate thing rain augmentation without a scalpel increase in volume without weight consistency between water and silicone which cannot be held for long in any cup -Poem by Justin Germino

Dec 02

New Dawn – Random Twitter Poem for Dec 2nd

New Dawn is a poem that opens with the end of night and closes with the bringing of new dawn. This was my 250th random twitter poem and included 19 random words

Sep 27

Lost in Pine – Poem by Dragon Blogger

Lost in Pine is a poem about camping and escaping from the city life to be surrounded by nature and the pine trees.

Jul 24

Angry Earth – Random Twitter Poem for July 24th

Today’s random twitter poem Angry Earth is about the aftermath of a volcanic explosion leaving ash and dust to block the skies and leave a trail of dust across the land. It was inspired by the 11 random words (in blue) provided by my twitter followers below: @JenaIsle (chenodeoxychenolic), @purplefrogcat (flood), @shemah (whiteout), @franscud (fierce), …

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