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Mar 09

No More Sleep – Random Twitter Poem for Mar 9th

No More Sleep is a poem about someone suffering through a recurring nightmare that haunts them. It was crafted to include 17 random words.

Sep 19

Filtering Dreams – Original Poem by Dragon Blogger

Filtering Dream is a poem about trying to understand the random imagery of dreams and make sense of them.

Jul 07

Late Afternoon Nightmare – Random Twitter Poem for July 7th

Today’s poem is about stealing a nap in the late afternoon, only to be plagued by nightmares and wishing you hadn’t taken a nap after all. This poem is inspired by the 14 random words (in blue) provided by the following twitter followers: @Zorlone (narcoleptic), @ScamStopper (dilemma), @RemBeatZ (Loyalty), @solitarypanda (miscegenation), @shemah (translator), @thedoomeduk (Choler), …

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