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Mar 31

Audio Poem: Sea Storm

A poem about a ship being ravaged by a storm as the crew struggles to stay alive.  You can listen to the poem or read it below. Sea Storm When the tide struck we felt the turn slip trying to retain posture feet refusing to root we shift time and again ocean seeking to dominate …

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Jun 30

Poem: At Sea


At Sea is a poem about being away from society and being lost at sea without stress and worries that come with being around people.

Jul 30

Empty Handed – Random Twitter Poem for July 30th

Today’s random twitter poem was inspired by “The Deadliest Catch” discovery channel show, which I saw a previous episode on DVR last night. It contained 16 random words (in blue) provided by the following twitter followers: @coffeetablepoet (glamorous), @HollyJahangiri (inculcate), @cheth (enduring), @rmilana (solace), @writingnag (tradition), @MichaelVrijhoef (ostentatiously), @Aluwir (piscatorial), @moonmortal (struggling), @franscud (luminescent), @Zorlone …

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Jan 14

Random Twitter Poem For January 14th

Today’s poem consisted of 12 random words and it was voted for a dark poem, when I wrote this poem several things came to mind including the latest Stephen King book “Duma Key” as well as the movie “The Perfect Storm”.  Told more like a story in complete freeform, this poem is about a treasure …

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