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Nov 25

Catatonic Rage – Original Poem by Dragon Blogger

Catatonic Rage Catatonic rage buried deep in my chest I only wait to hurt I only wait for pain Seething calm before A swelling storm An eye without vision My misery reflected Sleeps deep inside Heart quakes in fear Spirit shakes in agony So it sleeps deep within As I wait to release This catatonic …

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Nov 24

Culture – Original Poem by Dragon Blogger

Culture Melting pot of culture A center point for our future At peace and one with nature A society with one great feature Advocated by people and preacher Hate an old paven road Friends are free and come freely We all advance as a society It all begins with you and me -Poem by Dragon …

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May 28

Haiku: Collection

An obsessed collector who can lose sight of anything in life but growing his own collection provided the inspiration for this haiku today.

Dec 15

Frozen Goods – Random Twitter Poem for Dec 15th


Frozen Goods is a poem about a dessert stand attracting customers with a little bit of sex appeal.

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