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Sep 16

Poem: Who Are The Brave?


Who Are The Brave? Who are the brave? the ones who rush into fire and the ones who burn the ones on the front lines and the ones who fall the ones who stand up and the ones who get knocked down the ones who aren’t afraid and the ones who overcome fear the ones …

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Sep 14

Poem: Calm City


Calm City In a calm city; people sleep no cause to worry; no cause to weep crime a history lesson; long past divided races and religion; now cast in this calm city; humans are whole all brothers and sisters; with the same soul -Poem by Justin Germino

Mar 22

Poem: In the Bubbles


Few things are more relaxing and soothing than sitting in a hot spa at night soaking in the warm water and letting the massaging jets and bubbles melt away your stress and loosen your tight muscles.  This poem captures that evening alone soaking in a hot tub. In The Bubbles They come out and play …

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Feb 07

Poem: Finding the Puppy

I know from experience and buying dogs from breeders that some breeds are just a perfect fit for some families, all it takes is to look at a site like http://www.Doggish.com.au and read about the breed that most fits your lifestyle and what personality you want most in a family companion and you are sure to …

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Jan 18

Poem: Wondering Purpose

Wondering Purpose For these long years I hung my head in shame goals conquered me not the other way around I long for ending long for some purpose greater than the daily grind yet I lurk in shadows grind in repetition rinsing and repeating my daily life again When songs play spirit soars my mood …

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