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Feb 09

Poem: We Dreamed the Mad Dream

We Dreamed the Mad Dream We dreamed the mad dream together that one day they all will fall hard line in the sand; drawn and a world for the taking life ruled by king and queen issues deflected like arrows impenetrable armor of love We dreamed the mad dream together that impossibility was possible being …

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Jan 26

Poem: Chaos Intrusion

Chaos Intrusion When chaos intrudes doors know no limits hinges do not break handles do not bend When chaos intrudes the house remains firm unwanted are repelled those inside stay safe When chaos intrudes it gets no safe haven moves on to next victim there is only order here -Poem by Justin Germino

Jan 09

Poem: When is it Time?

When is it Time? When is it time to throw in the towel realizing the match was always rigged When is it time to take back control and cut the strings of this marrionnette When is it time to be truly free and end the slavery in a world of choices When is it time …

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Nov 20

Poem: Pushing the Fast

Pushing the Fast When it comes to the fast we starve and deny embracing the pain the emptiness hoping to purify The fast an enigma soul cannot be purged experience and knowledge even if unwanted stays memories remain Gorging on failure one gets full of defeat and condemning disappointments only lead to more fasting until …

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Sep 01

Poem: Swimming with Decisions

Swimming with Decisions Strokes of thought wading through pools options infinite and no peace no choice seems clear decisions like a distant shore more thoughts swim the shore is no closer and worry and fear married anxiety with despair offspring thoughts float treading water for now because swimming can’t find conclusion can’t stop my mind …

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