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Feb 09

Poem: We Dreamed the Mad Dream

We Dreamed the Mad Dream We dreamed the mad dream together that one day they all will fall hard line in the sand; drawn and a world for the taking life ruled by king and queen issues deflected like arrows impenetrable armor of love We dreamed the mad dream together that impossibility was possible being …

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Jan 26

Poem: Chaos Intrusion

Chaos Intrusion When chaos intrudes doors know no limits hinges do not break handles do not bend When chaos intrudes the house remains firm unwanted are repelled those inside stay safe When chaos intrudes it gets no safe haven moves on to next victim there is only order here -Poem by Justin Germino

Jan 25

Poem: The Pocket Region

The Pocket Region In the pocket region of the black soul mind simmering like acrid stone soup whispering sorrows skipping heart beats song of silence most frightening of all inspecting the void core sanity and purity becoming infected leaving only madness thoughts thunder tearing worlds asunder and new hope glimmers on a distant dream -Poem …

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Oct 30

Poem: Because of Her


Because of Her It is why I try to provide more strive more live more take pride more forgive more love more feel more think more dream more be more It is why I try to hurt less hate less stray less weigh less judge less control less fake less envy less risk less resent …

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Aug 05

Poem: When He Wandered

When He Wandered When he wandered in from the dark cold rain I couldn’t help myself he needed to be forgiven   Though it was his fault it was partly my own could he know the rules that I only thought?   When he wandered in with stains all over I wondered what he did …

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