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Jun 04

Corruption – Random Twitter Poem for June 4th

Corruption is a poem about the failing political system where good intentions fall to bribery and corruption.

Apr 28

Riot Disrupted – Random Twitter Poem for Apr 28th


Riot Disrupted is about a crowd coming to together to protest some political item only for things to get dirty and the crowd to be broken up by force.

May 12

The Client – Random Twitter Poem for May 12th

Today’s poem is kind of about politicians using “call girls” and leading a double life from the public, inspired by the 10 random words (in blue) provided below, thanks to the following twitter followers: @worryknot (ephemeral), @shemah (lingerie), @anefallarme (socks), @Catherine1016 (sorrow), @RemBeatZ (parliamentary), @Zorlone (integrity), @purplefrogcat (mountains), @stnmoon (client), @lejonprime (ambiguity), @or1gb1u3 (space) The …

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