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Jun 05

Terrorized: Random Twitter Poem for Jun 5th


Today’s poem had a ton of words inspired by E3 expo yesterday but ironically they all somehow fit together into this grisly poem that just seemed to jump out at me.  When I started writing the first 3 lines and noticed they ended with a rhyme I decided to make each ending word in each …

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Mar 26

Sun Bathing: Random Twitter Poem for Mar 26th

Who hasn’t underestimated the heating rays of the sun, I was thinking about Spring Break with this poem inspired by 9 random words (in bold) submitted by the following Twitter players: @goodyniosi (synchronicity), @kenny_harris (Bustling), @jenaisle (apoptosis), @deeankary (violet), @shackled_muse (blatantly), @bbrian017 (reply), @aluwir (Disco), @persianpoetess (Cloying), @dazediva (inspired) Definitions: Apoptosis is a natural process …

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Oct 05

Rush Job: Random Twitter Poem for Oct 5th

Rush Job is a poem about a sloppy job, was thinking of something like a college thesis

Sep 26

Ornamental Politics: Random Twitter Poem for Sep 26th

Ornamental Politics is another politically inspired poem about all the talk and no change in which the people themselves are partly to blame

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