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Sep 04

Poem: Emotion Picture

Emotion Picture This heart of mine scared, and fractured yet knowing what is true what purpose must exist how confusion could set in and purpose be so lost life mystery includes pain and the suffering severe but good can come from bad strength and hope reforged a test that was never needed yet it revealed …

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Jul 13

Poem: Forged Stronger


Forged Stronger Turn this pain into something greater that hurts more that inspires anger that inspires action to burn hot and forge something something better something stronger before it cools tempered now stronger than it ever was before -Poem by Justin Germino

Jan 05

Second Chances: Random Twitter Poem for Jan 5th

Today’s poem Second Chances is about seeking guidance, wisdom in someone who sells second chances

Dec 28

Vigilante Recovery: Random Twitter Poem for Dec 28th


Vigilante Recovery is a poem about a city or town ruled by gangs, thugs and a lone vigilante taking to the streets to help clean up crime

Dec 01

Averted Outbreak: Random Twitter Poem for Dec 1st

Today’s poem is about a flu or virus outbreak that ravages a community or population