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Jan 30

Poem: Insanities

Ironic that I would be inspired to write a poem about bathroom vanities, but here is the result.   Insanities Mind running with insanities feeling the disease of a fresh breeze or surrounded by antique bathroom vanities and feeling unease after a tight squeeze   Not feeling like saying please or trying to appease while …

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Jan 07

Poem: Twisted

Twisted In a market filled with saturation Resolution of twisted fixation found with seedy stimulation elation wrought with personification the banished sought matriculation while society was stuck in masturbation and humanity locked in arbitration -Poem by Justin Germino Image Credit: *genr

Oct 05

Rush Job: Random Twitter Poem for Oct 5th

Rush Job is a poem about a sloppy job, was thinking of something like a college thesis

Jan 08

Kitten Hunts – Random Twitter Poem for Jan 8th

Kitten Hunts is a whimsical rhyming poem about a kitten hunting in a garden. It was inspired by the 14 random words provided

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