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Sep 17

Love in Lazy Days: Random Twitter Poem for Sep 17th

Today’s poem Love in Lazy Days is about a young couple just lounging alone unbothered and spending time together.   This poem included the 11 random words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players:  @joshuaarnao (elephant), @slj (Scrunchie), @spikeyloki (Apology), @dave_your_fave (Phantasmal), @originalbadbele (discuss), @artisanupdates (Hirsute), @mhanes (Platypus), @redrose321 (sweet love), @raajtram (worship), @yearning4d_sky (boredom), …

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Dec 04

Haiku: Lioness Purrs

Lioness Purrs is a romantic haiku about a lady looking for love in the bedroom.

May 02

Staying in Bed – New Poem by Dragon Blogger

Staying in Bed is a poem about lovers deciding to ditch the world for a day and stay in bed.

Nov 28

My Honor – Poem by Dragon Blogger

My Honor is a poem about being devoted to somebody and laying your honor on the line.

Jul 12

The Keepers – Original Poem by Dragon Blogger

The Keepers One quick gesture and you know my meaning a goodbye is too painful to acknowledge a vow to be each others keepers keepers of our hearts A quick trip and a long departure we can barely stand to see a quick vow and blessed gesture keep each other in our hearts Gone from …

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