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Jul 27

Mountain Beast – Random Twitter Poem for July 27th

Today’s poem is about a creature that in mountains and feeds from the beasts of the land, it is inspired by an astounding 20 random words (in blue) provided by the following twitter followers: @tekchic (monkey), @filigreegirl (breloque), @howelegant (everlasting), @shemah (auspicious), @Zorlone (landslide), @Oneunder2001 (sharp), @denthewise (autobiography), @evliving (autopsy), @RobinJP (stairway), @katheesue (advocate), @ashchuan …

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Jun 23

Alone Without Friends – Random Twitter Poem for June 23rd

Today’s words came together and brought out a sad little poem about someone who has no friends and always sits alone eating lunch, perhaps it is about a person in school or at work. Thanks to the following twitter followers for the 12 random words (in blue) today: @jmbuckingham (dove), @RobinJP (sidekick), @RemBeatZ (Regenerating), @santasdevil …

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