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Feb 17

Poem: Your Mask

Operation Tea Party Hard 80

  Your Mask Behind this mask lies a blank slate faces for good faces for hate Behind this mask an unknown soul knight in shining armor or hideous troll Behind this mask was someone I knew and someone I didn’t that someone was you -Poem by Justin Germino

Oct 24

The Fright: Random Twitter Poem for Oct 24th


This poem was inspired by all the haunted houses that try to keep outdoing themselves or a prank being played by on an unsuspecting person for their amusement that frightens the hell out of them.  This poem included the 8 random words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players: @ken_yub13 (hanger), @artisanupdates (pulse), @anoopjacob …

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Oct 26

The Candy Ghouls: Random Twitter Poem for Oct 26th

Today’s poem is a fun Halloween themed poem about kids and their trick or treating.

Jul 27

Mountain Beast – Random Twitter Poem for July 27th

Today’s poem is about a creature that in mountains and feeds from the beasts of the land, it is inspired by an astounding 20 random words (in blue) provided by the following twitter followers: @tekchic (monkey), @filigreegirl (breloque), @howelegant (everlasting), @shemah (auspicious), @Zorlone (landslide), @Oneunder2001 (sharp), @denthewise (autobiography), @evliving (autopsy), @RobinJP (stairway), @katheesue (advocate), @ashchuan …

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May 31

Nightmares – Poem by Dragon Blogger

Nightmares Was it love that was lost? Was it a child I just tossed? Was it hate from a flame? Or did I just go insane? Where did all my feelings go? Why did my heart say no? Why are my eyes stuck shut? Whose throat did I just cut? How can I do so …

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