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Jul 13

Poem: Forged Stronger


Forged Stronger Turn this pain into something greater that hurts more that inspires anger that inspires action to burn hot and forge something something better something stronger before it cools tempered now stronger than it ever was before -Poem by Justin Germino

Apr 16

Forever Sealed: Random Twitter Poem for Apr 16th


Today’s Twitter poem is a little grim about spirits, souls and possibly evil being trapped and sealed below ground waiting for release.  The poem included the 10 words (in bold) provided by the following Twitter players: @goodyniosi (obstreperous), @ileane (executed), @jenaisle (endosmosis), @captainskepy (arrogant), @barzane (patient), @lstephencleary (vacation), @darlakrusee (Foursquare), @ibucketbot (Release), @bhanuchawla (Titanium), @carolynsparkles …

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