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May 15

A Storm is Coming Guest Poem by Sally Brown


  A Storm Is Coming Rushing wind bends the trees, Temperature changes, darkening skies, Arrows of light cut across the sky, Animals scurry to their homes, A storm is coming. Booming thunder, drops of rain, Roads are slick, muddy terrain, People rush indoors, umbrellas in hand, Doors closed, windows shut, A storm is coming. Mother …

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Oct 30

Dispossess Fear: Random Twitter Poem for Oct 30th


A poem about the aftermath of a brutal blizzard storm and a hypochondriac with responsibility to keep order and calm must conquer his own fears first.  This poem was partly inspired by weather events around the world and The Day After Tomorrow movie came to mind as well.  This poem included 9 random words (in …

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Aug 10

Storms Peak: Random Twitter Poem for Aug 10th

Storms Peak is about the ferocious nature of a dark storm hanging around with a ray of sunshine shining through indicating a break in the horizon.

May 24

Storms Rebirth – Random Twitter Poem for May 24th

savage storm

Storms Rebirth is a poem about a devastating storm rolling in causing destruction but also providing the rains to sustain new life in the aftermath. It was crafted to include the 10 random words (in blue) provided by the following twitter players today: @Jhotvedt2 (lightning), @jodapoet (salacious), @ptaylor98 (redeemed), @geb0i (auspicious), @darlakrusee (wind), @shaboom (replicate), …

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