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Mar 03

Poem: Meeting Your Maker

Mike jumps off a mountain

  Terminal, no hope or reason to keep going there is only the bucket list and checking off the final things before retiring from life itself.  It is time now to meet your maker and cross of the remaining items on the bucket list. Meeting your Maker From this view the lip of a mountain …

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Sep 19

Poem: From This Life

From This Life Lost without purpose only a quick death seeking the release from this life   Instead prolonged suffering each day a bloody wound soul scars uncountable from this life   Hearing and seeing plenty but learning nothing heart barely beating from this life   In the end less is more stillness of being …

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Jul 10

End the Fight – Poem by Justin Germino

couple fighting

End the Fight is a dark poem about a relationship gone wrong that leads in someones suicide as a way to escape.

Sep 26

Exist No More – Dark Poem by Dragon Blogger

Exist No More We are death Your screams belong here Among the ashes of the fallen Burned husks of rotted humility Come cast your sins Shed life as you would worn clothing Emptiness pours from your heart Bleed the void for eternity And exist no more -Poem by Dragon Blogger

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