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Oct 31

Trick or Treat – Halloween Poem

Trick or Treat is a poem about Halloween night that was inspired by the 14 random words provided by the following twitter followers

Nov 10

Butterfly – Random Twitter Poem for Nov 10th

Butterfly is today’s poem about being transfixed by a butterfly that leaves ones spirits lifted, it was inspired by the 9 random words

Nov 06

Turkey Run – Random Twitter Poem for Nov 6th

Turkey Run is a poem inspired by the movie Chicken Run but with Turkeys trying to save themselves from the Thanksgiving Massacre.

Nov 05

Repeat Offender – Random Twitter Poem for Nov 5th

Repeat Offender is about a criminal who has a history of repeat offenses only for his deeds to catch up with him. It was inspired by the 18 random words.

Nov 04

Parenting Troubles – Random Twitter Poem for Nov 4th

Parenting Troubles is a poem about a parent who was resting or meditating only to be disturbed by children fighting and punishing the kids.

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